Lola Fae

The incomparable bitch Lola Fae is good in various pornographic scenes. Especially hard sex is cool for her. She puts three of her holes under the massive members and moans loudly and hotly. Skinny harlot Lola fey knows exactly the taste of the hardest big trunks. She serves a lot of members, sucks her throat, peels into the anal hole and plays different Chicks. Although most often her heroines are naive young women, who are unwound for the toughest pleasures. All videos with fairies are burning with passion, sharpness and strong colorfulness. Watch it fry and enjoy it. In lesbian porn, Lola is also filmed and enjoys with the hottest Sluts.

Born in the USA in 1996. In 2017, she made her debut in pornography. The bitch was 21 years old, and she had a great desire to act. I went through auditions and started working for the coolest studios. For 2020, the beauty already has more than 100 shootings. And each video with her in its own way likes and attracts.

Skinny teen Lola fey can quickly get started, likes to obey partners and different hot poses easily takes. Plays stepdaughters, neighbors, subordinates, work colleagues, stepsisters. Plays efficiently and it's always cool hollowed. It has both diligence and wild lust. It turns out a frenzied mixture that Lola Fae splashes out in sex.

Hot Lola weighs only 41 kilograms, her height is 155 centimeters. The real hair color is white. But the bitch often repaint hair and likes the color red. There are also many tattoos on her hot body. Tattoos give the Fae an extra edge. Naked, she looks like an informal sexual rebel. And different men willingly pull this beauty on members.

In many ways, Lola fey attracts and likes. Pretty on the outside and hot shameless inside. Without exaggeration, any debauchery she performs first-class, this strongly and likes. We have a lot of pornography with Lola Fae, choose a video and enjoy.

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  • Born: 13 May, 1996
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Videos: 13
  • Height: 155
  • Weight: 41
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